4 Questions To Ask Before Buying a New BAS
September 27, 2017
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From: Building Automation: 4 Questions To Ask Before Buying a New BAS, FacilitiesNet

An obsolete building automation systems can cost you time and money, but make sure you know what you want and what you'll get when you're ready for an upgrade.

It’s the central nervous system of the building. The brains of the operation. Call it what you will, a facility’s controls can make the day-to-day decisions when it comes to matters ranging from energy efficiency to comfort to security. With today’s quest to streamline and integrate building systems and their operations, understanding the pitfalls and weaknesses of a building’s controls systems is more important than ever.

Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden in Spy Country
January 8, 2016
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From: Technology: Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden in Spy Country, The Atlantic

Up to 70 percent of Internet traffic worldwide travels through Northern Virginia.

Once in a while—not quite often enough to be a crisis, but just often enough to be a trope—people in the United States will freak out because a huge number of highly popular websites and services have suddenly gone down. For an interminable period of torture (usually about 1-3 hours, tops) there is no Instagram to browse, no Tinder to swipe, no Github to push to, no Netflix to watch.


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